Like a Rock Bible Studies by Susan Chrisman

I read in Loving the Little Years: Motherhood in the Trenches by Rachel Jankovic an analogy that keenly related to my life. Although I am in a later season of life than Rachel, God has used her analogy of a rock in a stream to encourage and strengthen my life now.

Spiritually, before I had children I was a like a rock lying in the bottom of a stream. The gentle but consistent flow of the water was smoothing my surface, changing me over time. I was progressing slowly, but steadily.

God, in His mercy, saw the need to step up the pace of changing me into His likeness. So He blessed me with children. Eventually there were five darling, happy, active, noisy children in my home—children who loved me, who needed me and depended upon me; children to clean for and cook for, to nurture, to comfort, to correct, to hug and kiss and snuggle with, to enjoy; children to train, discipline, educate, and disciple. It was as if He had suddenly plucked me from the quiet waters of the stream and thrust me into the crashing, plunging racket of a rock polisher. And although I wanted to be transformed into His likeness, there were times when I longed for the quiet waters I had known before. I had glimpses of that quietness while nursing a tiny infant in the middle of the night, washing dishes alone, or rocking a restless toddler to sleep as I sang Oh, How I Love Jesus or He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands.

I often felt guilty about the lack of quietness in my life, there in the tumbler. At women’s retreats, older women told me that, in order to hear His voice and be transformed by His Word, I had to have an hour of quiet before the Lord each day. And I believed them. Condemnation weighed heavily upon me. I suffered under added guilt because I knew I could never live up to the standard that had been placed before me. Still, my heart cried out to know Him and to please Him.

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As the years have progressed and my home is quiet again, I have found the peaceful, though very powerful, waters of the stream returning to pour over me. Though my life is busy, and I sometimes find myself in the rock tumbler again, it is not like the years I lived there before.

I remember those days, still frequently living in them, and am writing Bible studies for women who are in the rock tumbler of their lives, whose days are full and often exhausting. With a gentle approach, very realistic assignments, and discussion filled with hope, we will turn our thoughts to God’s Word and our personal relationship with Him through Jesus Christ.


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